The Viney Agency

The Viney Shaw Agency primarily sells books to publishers, but also provides a full range of services for its clients which includes the selling of film and TV treatments to broadcasters and production companies.

Many of our authors come to us as debut writers and we are actively committed to talent spotting and developing new careers.  Another distinction of The Viney Shaw Agency is taking on writers who may be in mid-career and bringing them to a new level of attention and income. We are always looking for outstanding writing and writers.

The Viney Shaw Agency is one of the UK’s most successful independent agencies, and typically ranked in the top fifty of all British and American literary agencies according to the ‘Top Dealmakers’ analysis of contracted deals over the last twelve months in Publisher’s Marketplace, the global register for deals in the publishing business. The agency has represented number one Christmas bestsellers.

The Viney Shaw Agency represents over a hundred authors across a wide variety of genres including adult and children's fiction writers, biographers, historians and comedians. Our website provides a full list of our published authors. The Viney Shaw Agency clients mostly write in English and are based in several countries, the majority in the United Kingdom.

We sell rights English language rights directly to the United Kingdom and North America . Our foreign language sales are handled by the UK’s leading foreign rights team at Intercontinental Literary Agency (ILA).

Our dramatic rights are handled either by the London-based The Artist's Partnership or the Knight Hall Agency, and Hollywood-based Intellectual Property Group. The Viney Shaw Agency is a member of the Association of Authors’ Agents and abides by its code of conduct.