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Ben KaneS.I. Martin works with museums, archives and the education sector to bring diverse histories to wider audiences. He has published five books of historical fiction and non-fiction for adult and teenage readers.

He founded the ‘500 Years of Black London Walks’ nearly 20 years ago in response to the low profile given to the Black historical presence on the capital's streets and has consistently encouraged and championed the provision of plaques, street names and street furniture to this end.

He has worked with and for the Black Cultural Archives, National Maritime Museum, the V&A, Tate Britain, London Metropolitan Archives, National Portrait Gallery, Horniman Museum, the National Archives, the RAF Museum, Wellcome Trust and many others. He regularly provides workshops and sessions for heritage institutions, schools, borough councils and community groups across the country.

With Michael Ohajuru his ground-breaking The Guide to Black London will be published in 2022 by September Publishing.

His highly praised Incomparable World was re-released by Penguin in 2021 as a flagship title in their ‘Black Britain Writing Back’ series, curated by Bernadine Evaristo.


Praise for S. I Martin


Britain's Slave Trade

Britain's Slave Trade stands out as an outstanding presentation of Britain's ugliest hours ... highly recommended’

-The Gleaner


Incomparable World

-David Dabydeen

‘Energetic, sharp and entertaining’

-Mail on Sunday


Jupiter Williams

‘Convincing and informative, working as much as a piece of social history as fiction ... a thought-provoking picture of individuals caught between worlds and the upheavals of history.’

-The Times


Jupiter Amidships

‘... provides plenty for readers to think about; the question it raises are still pertinent today.’

-Kate Agnew, The Guardian


Aleksandr Orlov'Adventurous and exuberant . . . a rollicking thriller pulsates with vivacity....a major achievement in our literary history’ Bernadine Evaristo

A visceral reimagining of 1780s London, showcasing the untold stories of African-American soldiers grappling with their post-war freedom

In the years just after the American revolution, London was the unlikely refuge for thousands of black Americans who fought for liberty on the side of the British.

Buckram, Georgie and William have earned their freedom and escaped their American oppressors, but on the streets of London, poverty awaits with equal cruelty.

Ruthless, chaotic and endlessly evolving, London forces them into a life of crime, and a life on the margins. Their only hope for a better future is to concoct a scheme so daring, it will be a miracle if it pays off.

Bursting with energy and vivid detail, Incomparable World boldly uncovers a long-buried narrative of black Britain.

Selected by Booker Prize-winning author Bernardine Evaristo, this series rediscovers and celebrates pioneering books depicting black Britain that remap the nation.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:The Guide to Black London (September Publishing, 2021)