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Alan MacDonaldAlan MacDonald was born in Watford and now lives a stone’s throw from the River Trent in Nottingham.  He is married with three children. After several years acting and directing in a travelling theatre company, he turned full time to writing in 1990 since when he has published over sixty books for children and the scripts of many popular children's television series like Horrid Henry and The Tweenies.

He is best known for his humorous fiction for the six to nine age group, his most successful series being the Dirty Bertie books (with creator and illustrator, David Roberts) for Stripes, which have been in print for over ten years with more than twenty titles that have sold all over the world. He is also author of a new series for Stripes, Angela Nicely, and many series for Bloomsbury including Superhero School, Iggy The Urk and Troll Trouble.


Alan MacDonald"an action packed and hilarious adventure" - The Guardian

Welcome back to Mighty High - the school for superheroes.

Our heroes, Stan, Minnie, Miles and, of course, Pudding the Wonder Dog, face their toughest challenge yet - a weatherman gone bad! Thunderbot is determined to hold the country to ransom by controlling the weather - he even threatens to put the Queen in danger!

With gadgets a-plenty, our young superheroes must battle through ice, snow, tornadoes and lightning strikes - but can they save the day?

With fully integrated black and white illustrations throughout, this laugh-out-loud series is perfect for young readers.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Alan MacDonald has written over sixty books for children, the most recent of which are: Superhero School – Thunderbot’s Day of Doom, Bloomsbury, 2016; Superhero School – Curse of the Evil Custard, Bloomsbury 2015; Superhero School Alien Attack!, Bloomsbury, 2015; Dirty Bertie Fame, Stripes, 2016; Dirty Bertie Jackpot, Stripes, 2015; Dirty Bertie Aliens! Stripes, 2015; Angela Nicely Cupcake Wars, Stripes, 2016; Angela Nicely Puppy Love, Stripes, 2015; Angela Nicely Superstar, Stripes, 2014; Superhero School - Revenge of the Green Meanie, Bloomsbury, 2014; Dirty Bertie Rats!, Stripes, 2014; Dirty Bertie Smash!, Stripes, 2014; Angela Nicely Queen Bee, Stripes, 2014; Angela Nicely, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Zombie!, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Dinosaur!, Stripes, 2013; Dirty Bertie Toothy!, Stripes 2013; Dirty Bertie Scream!, Stripes, 2012; Dirty Bertie Pirate!, Stripes, 2012; Dirty Bertie Pong!, Stripes, 2012; Booom!, Bloomsbury, 2011; Eughhh! Eyeball Stew, Bloomsbury, 2011; Arrrgh! Slimosaur, Bloomsbury, 2011; Dirty Bertie - Snow! , Stripes Publishing, 2011; Dirty Bertie - Ouch!, Stripes Publishing, 2011; Dirty Bertie - Kiss! , Stripes Publishing, 2011; Dirty Bertie - Loo! , Stripes Publishing, 2010; Oi, Caveboy, Bloomsbury, 2010; Dirty Bertie - Mud!, Stripes Publishing, 2009; Dirty Bertie Germs!, Stripes Publishing, 2009; Trolls on Hols, Bloomsbury, 2008; Goat Pie, Bloomsbury, 2008; Trolls United, Bloomsbury, 2007; Trolls Go Home!, Bloomsbury, 2007; Foreign Rights licensed across all titles including more than fifteen territories for Dirtie Birtie (please enquire with our UK publishers for more details)