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Janet HoggarthJanet has had several jobs, she got a job in a bookshop, then a job at Bloomsbury Children’s books, finally ending up at Scholastic Children’s books with her own office (yay!) commissioning books. Janet has always made up stories (Why I Was Late For Work – I was partying with the band, man… etc). So she ventured forth into the freelance writer and editor world and had several books published before having three children. During the small children wilderness years she started DJing (a passion of hers) and got a job once a month partying, er, DJing at a local cocktail bar. Janet now juggles her time between her three young children, writing, DJing and looking after her two mental cats.

Janet lives in South East London with her three kids, a friend and her small daughter, two cats and a million records. It’s chaos. Her The Single Mums’ Mansion was signed to Aria in 2017 in a three book contract and was published in 2018. The sequel, The Mews publishes in 2019.


Amanda Wilkie unexpectedly finds herself jobless and alone with three children under five in a large,  rambling Victorian house in south-east London. She’s scared shitless about how each day will pan out, let alone the rest of her life after her husband shockingly walks away claiming he’s just ‘lost the love’, like one might carelessly lose a glove or pair of knickers.

A few months later, Amanda’s heavily pregnant friend, Ali, crashes into her kitchen announcing her partner is also about to abscond. She gives birth to Grace that evening and he exits stage left, gibbering like a madman in the grip of a mid-life crisis. He somehow finds the clarity to inform Ali the house will be sold from under her. Wracked with grief after infidelity raises its hackneyed head, and scaring herself with how close to the edge of abyss she has drifted, Amanda implores Ali and Grace to move in with her and take the deserted attic room at the top of the house. When Jacqui, a long lost friend and fellow single mum, starts dropping by daily, the household is complete and ready to set sail

Getting divorced is utter an utter bastard, but the three friends refuse to be defined by it as they embark on a choppy journey, while facing down reaching forty after years of being institutionalised. Amanda’s brutal, yet humorous narrative is peppered with toy boys, discos, funerals, pregnancy, newsreaders, quotidian profanities, substance abuse, anger (and possibly some minor vandalism), glitter, sex and of course wine.

And as they slowly emerge out of the wreckage like a trio of sequin-clad Gloria Gaynors singing ‘I Will Survive’, they realise that anything is possible. Even loving again…

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Single Mums’ Mansion (Aria/Head of Zeus, 2018); Gaby's Angels, (OUP, 2013).