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Kate Mossman is a journalist and author whose career in music journalism began when she travelled to America for one night to see Glen Campbell and Jimmy Webb in concert and realised there might be paid work to be had in following musical obsessions. She joined the staff of Word Magazine in 2008, working as reviews editor alongside Mark Ellen and David Hepworth for five years, and her writing appears regularly in The Guardian, Observer and The Times.  She is a former judge for the Mercury Music Prize.


In 2012 she became arts editor of the New Statesman, having worked for some years as their pop critic, and became known for her long-read rock profiles of acts like Kiss, Ray Davies and Jon Bon Jovi. She progressed through features editor and is now their main profile writer, working across the arts and politics.

Her broadcast career includes regular appearances on radios Four and Two, and in countless music documentaries for Sky Arts and the BBC. In 2015 she presented ‘When Pop Ruled My Life’, an hour-long BBC Four doc on the power of fandom. Her exploration of the experience of women rock stars, ‘Girl In A Band’, followed in 2016.


Kate Mossman’s first book is inspired by an acclaimed documentary she made for Radio Four about 1960s pop magazines and the small group of female writers who helped to shape the counterculture.  It will be published by Bonnier’s Nine Eight Books in 2023.