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Katherine MacInnes first became interested in the wives of the Antarctic explorers when her husband left to climb Everest. Her Snow Widows - The Scott Expedition and The Women They Left Behind - ┬áthe women’s story of collateral damage, broken promises, loneliness, euphoria, media intrusion, strength and empowerment - was sold at auction to HarperCollins UK in 2019 and will be published in 2021


She has written three plays and a biography of Oriana Wilson Woman with the Iceberg Eyes. She lives in Gloucestershire.


Night Witches Captain Scott's expedition to the Antarctic, the most famous story of exploration in the world, played out on the great ice stage in the south. Oriana Wilson, wife of Scott's best friend and fellow explorer Dr Edward Wilson, was watching from the wings. She is the missing link between many of the notable polar names of the time, had access to an unprecedented range of evidence from Scott's team, and was allowed into a man's world at a time when the British suffragettes were marching. Oriana is the lens through which their secrets are revealed.

What really happened both in the Antarctic and at home? Why did Scott's Terra Nova expedition nearly end in mutiny before it had even begun? Were the explorers' diaries as 'heroic' as they appeared to be? Only Oriana can tell.

Oriana began as a dutiful housewife but emerged as a scientist and collector in her own right, and was the first white woman to venture into the jungles of Darwin, Australia. Edward Wilson named Oriana Ridge, a little-known piece of Antarctica, after Oriana her on their tenth wedding anniversary.

Oriana Wilson has been quiet for a century, but this biography gives her a voice and provides a unique insight into the early twentieth century through her clear, blue 'iceberg eyes'.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:Woman With The Iceberg Eyes: Oriana F. Wilson (History Press, 2019)