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David AmbroseLorraine Gregory is co-founder of #ukmgchat, which enables writers, agents, editors and publishers of fiction for 8-12 year olds to share their experience and expertise. 

Lorraine has always compulsively read, written and dreamt of being a published author, but the idea for Mold and the Poison Plot came to her suddenly. She had just threatened to throw her son in the bin and the voice and character of Mold were born.  After mentoring at the Golden Egg Academy, signing with this agency and keen interest from three publishers, Lorraine accepted a contract from Oxford University Press for publication of Mold and the Poison Plot in early 2017.

Lorraine lives in Essex. 


Mold’s a bit of a freak.  His nose is as big as his body is puny and his ma abandoned him in a bin when he was a mere baby.  Who else but the drunk old healer, Aggy, would have taken him into her hovel in the Dregs and raised him as her own?

But Mold’s courage and heart are bigger even than his nose, so when Aggy is accused of poisoning the King, Mold sets out to clear her name.  His quest takes him to the great city of Westenberg and the royal castle itself, and then into the dangerous swamplands of the boggers.  In a thrilling race against time to save Aggy from the hangman’s noose, Mold faces hideous, deadly monsters like the yurg, the purple narlo frog and the scarlet coral fish.  He finds true friendship in the most unusual – and smelly – of places and must pit his wits and his clever nose against the evil witch Hexaba and her son, Bludengore.  The more he searches the more he finds out about  the bloody history of his lands and the mysterious lost tribe, the Dai Kurlin.  Can he save Aggy and stop a terrible war before it’s too late?

Mold and his friends Fergus and Prince Iric are unlikely, heart-squeezing heroes in a vividly imagined world.  This compelling and entertaining debut is sure to captivate young readers, who will delight in the unique voice and personality of Mold.