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Mark MasonAfter several years at the BBC, where he produced programmes for Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, Mark Mason left to become a full-time writer. His novels garnered praise such as ‘Mason’s natural voice is that of “everybloke” – the Nick Hornby of Fever Pitch or the John O’Farrell of The Best A Man Can Get.

His non-fiction includes Walk the Lines, for which he walked the entire London Underground system overground ('awesome' - BBC6 Music; 'an extraordinary odyssey' - Robert Elms), and The Importance of Being Trivial, a look at why we’re fascinated with trivia ('an irresitably hapless charm' - The Guardian, 'I loved the book' - Richard and Judy). His last book Move Along Please: Land's End to John O'Groats by Local Bus, was praised by Steve Wright as 'a good source of factoids, I'm thinking'. Mason is also the author of the Bluffer’s Guide to Bond and the Bluffer’s Guide to Football.

He has written for most national newspapers, as well as magazines from The Spectator to Four Four Two via Glamour. He has also addressed the nation on many radio and TV networks, occasionally on subjects he knows something about.

Orion published his latest book, Question Time, to critical acclaim in 2017.

His The Book of Seconds on the glorious (or inglorious) individuals from history who lost out to the winners will be published by Orion in 2018.

Praise for Mail Obsession: ‘An entertaining read’ (Daily Express)

‘Awesome - full of amazing facts’ (The QI Elves)

‘Fascinating’ (Daily Mail)

‘Turns up trivia at every stop’ (BBC Radio 4)

‘Fantastic stuff’ (BBC London)

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David Ambrose
Which major UK retailer has the same name as Odysseus's dog in Greek mythology?

In the original version of the Band Aid hit 'Do They Know It's Christmas?', who sang the opening line?

Which is the only US state whose name can be typed on a single row of a QWERTY keyboard?

Travel writer and quiz fan Mark Mason decided to combine two of his greatest loves by setting off on a tour of Britain's quizzes. From a pub quiz in Edinburgh to a charity quiz in Hampshire, from a corporate quiz in Birmingham to a journalists' quiz in Parliament, he finds answers aplenty while asking some questions of his own. Just what is it that attracts us to these tests of our knowledge? What are the ingredients of the perfect quiz question? And which is the only English city whose official name begins with H?

The only travel book ever to discuss Winston Churchill's use of language and reveal Donald Duck's middle name, QUESTION TIME is an affectionate tribute to Britain and one of its most cherished institutions - the quiz.

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