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Michael JonesMichael Jones gained a PhD in military history at Bristol University and subsequently taught at the University of South West England, the University of Glasgow and Winchester College. He works freelance as a writer, presenter and battlefield tour guide. His first book, The King’s Mother, was shortlisted for the Whitfield Prize. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the British Commission for Military History. Michael Jones’ particular interest is in battle psychology, and the role of morale and inspirational leadership in situations of military crisis. He has worked extensively with World War Two veterans, and his books draw on their powerful eye-witness testimonies, focussing on the human story behind the battles and campaigns. He is an enthusiastic and highly effective lecturer, who also works in the corporate field as a motivational speaker and trainer, bringing alive the present-day relevance of history’s greatest battles and commanders. Michael Jones was historical adviser for the recent History Channel series Warriors and Russia Today’s TV documentaries on World War Two’s Eastern Front.

With Philippa Langley he was the co-author of The King’s Grave - the official story of the discovery of Richard III and published in 2013 by John Murray. His The Life and Times of the Black Prince will be published by Head of Zeus in 2017.


His After Hitler which concerns the last ten days of the second world war in Europe  was published in 2015 by John Murray to critical acclaim.

Random House UK published his 24 Hours at Agincourt in 2015.

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‘Jean deCroy had sworn a remarkable pact with eighteen of his fellow knights: they would fight as a body and kill the English king, or die in the attempt. And so they did – launching themselves at the English line. Croy and all eighteen of these knights were killed in fierce fighting, but not before they had got close enough to the king to strike repeated blows on his battle helmet, one of them severely damaging the crown that was welded to it – so that two of its rubies were smashed off.’

In 24 Hours at Agincourt, Michael Jones brings the iconic battle vividly to life, drawing on countless authentic eyewitness accounts to showcase both sides of the conflict in a panoramic tour-de-force.

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