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Ben KaneMichael Ohajuru is a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies with honours degrees in Physics and Art History.

 Michael blogs, writes and speaks regularly on the black presence in Renaissance Europe and has spoken at the British Library, National Archives and Victoria and Albert Museum on the subject.


He is the founder of Image of the Black in London Galleries, a series of gallery tours highlighting the overt and covert black presences to be found in the national art collections in London. 


He is originator and project director for The John Blanke Project, a contemporary art and archive project celebrating John Blanke the Black trumpeter to the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII. The project has been critically acclaimed as a novel, innovative way to present history.


He is the co-convener of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies What’s Happening in Black British History series of workshops fostering a creative dialogue between researchers, educationalists, archivists, curators and policy makers. He is also co-convenor the Institute of Historical Research Black British History seminar program.


With S.I. Martin his ground breaking The Guide to Black London will be published by September Publishing in 2021.


Michael Ohajuru lives in South London.


Aleksandr OrlovBritish domestic history struggles to place Black people within its narrative. The non-European presence is cordoned away from those times and places where national myths and national identity were supposedly forged. The figure of the African is either restricted to the period after World War II or is positioned in the Caribbean, the Americas or Africa.

Africans have been in London since the Roman occupation and have been a visible and continuous presence there since the mid-16th century. The Guide to Black London will offer neighbourhood-level insights into the continuity and extraordinary impact of Black people on the capital's politics, culture and self-image. Street by street it will reveal the networks of statesmen, writers, entrepreneurs, sportspeople, doctors, revolutionaries and others who changed the history of the city and the world. From the first Africans in Roman London to descendants of the Windrush Generation The Guide to Black London will embrace all that is Black London and the impact people of African descent have had in creating and defining London as one of the world’s greatest cities.

The Guide to Black London will be a comprehensive listing of the Black presence in the capital and reveals its impact on art, sports, military, music, politics, religion over the ages up to modern times. Mapping places, people and institutions across London it will detail the significant places, dates, actions and events.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:The Guide to Black London (September Publishing, 2021)