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Nick Kochan is a highly regarded writer, journalist and commentator on matters related to corruption, economic crime and money laundering. He also writes about regulatory and operational risk. His ability to communicate complex ideas in a straightforward and jargon-free style has won plaudits. His most recent book, Corruption - The New Corporate Challenge, has put Kochan in the forefront of thinking on this topical subject.

He writes frequently on financial matters for the Independent. Nick is currently working on Blood Money, a book about how terrorism is financed. He lives in London.

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Book: Eleven Eleven by Paul Dowswell Concerns about corruption have advanced rapidly up the list of priorities for companies throughout the world. Today, firms of every size are under particular pressure as the recently passed UK Bribery Act places some onerous obligations on their directors and employees. 

Now, for the first time, corporate strategy and responsibility have been analysed in the context of the new law, as well as that of previous statutes and the law of other countries. This book provides a clear and comprehensive introduction to the new legal and political landscape and examines future issues in compliance and enforcement. 

Corruption: The New Corporate Challenge surveys the roots of corruption, outlines worldwide efforts to combat the problem, and explores enforcement and policy choices for businesses faced with a new international environment that is ever more hostile to corruption 

Numerous case studies and practical compliance tips provide businesses with the knowledge needed to operate in high-risk industrial sectors and geographical regions. The authors have conducted extensive interviews with senior figures in law enforcement, academics and lawyers to explore likely developments in the law, and predict how it might be enforced. 

This book is essential reading not only for businesses that seek advice on tailoring compliance regimes but also for those wanting a deeper context to the global crackdown by governments and the courts on corruption. This is a subject that no corporation can avoid. The strongest response to the new challenge is for a company to re-evaluate its ethical standards and to impress those standards upon its employees and associates. Failure to do so could be very costly indeed.

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