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Norman Baker has had an eclectic career. As well as 18 years as an MP, nearly five of which he served as a government minister, latterly as deputy to Theresa May, he has run a chain of record shops, a wine shop and a railway station, taught English, worked as an environmental campaigner, and is presently running Tibet Society, the oldest pro-Tibet group in the world, as well as lecturing and training.

He is the published author of two books, the first of which, The Strange Death of David Kelly (2007) was shortlisted by Channel 4 for their political book of the year. His latest book, Against The Grain, was the first post-coalition political memoir out of the traps in September 2014.

He regularly writes for a wide range of publications, from The Independent, to the American website Heat Street, to specialist publications like Passenger Transport.

He is also the lead singer and lyricist for his rock band, The Reform Club, which earlier this year released its second album.

He was inducted into the Privy Council in 2014.


Leading from the Front

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Strange Death Of David Kelly (Methuen) 2007; Against The Grain (Biteback) 2015.