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Paul DowswellPaul started writing in his early 30s after a fascinating career as a researcher and editor for museums and publishers. He has written over 60 books – most of them non-fiction – on everything from Stone Age cookery to genetic engineering. One of his non-fiction books was shortlisted for the Times Educational Supplement Information Book Award, another two were shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award, and one of them won the Rhône-Poulenc Junior Prize for Science Books.

Paul started writing fiction when Charlie Viney took him under his wing in 2004, and so far he’s had four historical fiction stories published by Bloomsbury. Prison Ship – one of a trilogy featuring powder monkey Sam Witchall, was shortlisted for the Warwickshire Book Award. Auslander, published in 2009, has been shortlisted for the Red House Award, the Booktrust Teenage Prize, The Northern Ireland Book Award, the Catalyst Award and the Cheshire Schools Book Award.

Following Ausländer, Paul wrote Cabinet of Curiosities, a story set in Renaissance Prague featuring large doses of alchemy, skulduggery and the Inquisition. His sixth historical novel for Bloomsbury, Sektion 20, about teenagers in Cold War Berlin, was published in September, 2011 and won the 2012 Historical Association Young Quills Award. These three novels have a common theme – their heroes and heroines all face political or religious extremism. Eleven, Eleven, about three young combatants who are thrown together on the last day of the First World War, won the 2013 Historical Association Young Quills Book Award, and Red Shadow is set in Stalin’s Russia over the summer of 1941 was published in May 2014. Bomber was published by Bloomsbury in 2015.

His Wolf Children, set in Berlin in the aftermath of WW2 will be published in 2017.

Ausländer  is a superlative, at times almost agonisingly compelling, piece of historical fiction . . . The climactic escape to freedom is pure muck-sweat tension” –  Financial Times

“This action-packed thriller combines historical detail with three very personal stories of courage, strength and tragedy, to produce a gripping and thought-provoking account of the final hours of a brutal conflict. This powerful page-turner is ideal for use in history teaching, as well as making compelling reading in its own right” –  The Book Trust

He is a brilliant historical novelist. Dowswell shows us a side of Nazi Germany rarely seen ... a heart-stopping read” –  Praise for AUSLÄNDER, Sunday Telegraph

“ “A great thriller with a poignant historical background ... A terrific book” –  Praise for SEKTION 20: Bookseller

“Dowswell achieves a sense of balance between the fast-paced action and adrenalin rush of a thriller and the detail and realism of a historical novel in this perfectly pitched hybrid novel” –  Praise for SEKTION 20: Books for Keeps

“A teenage book of the year” –  Praise for ELEVEN ELEVEN: Independent

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Book: Eleven Eleven by Paul DowswellOne in five never returned…

Every boy dreams of flying, but in war that dream can turn into a nightmare. Harry Friedman is the gunner of the Macey May, an American Flying Fortress stationed in East Anglia. The Second World War is raging and the Nazis have swept over Europe. The crews of every Flying Fortress face terrible odds on their bombing missions. To make it through alive, Harry will need luck on his side and courage … Courage to keep going when he has watched close friends die. Courage to confront a terrible evil. And the courage to make it home from deep behind enemy lines.

Nail-biting tension and compelling storytelling combine with Dowswell's meticulous research to deliver a page-turner for fans of John Boyne, Morris Gleitzman and Marcus Zusak.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bomber, Bloomsbury, 2015; Red Shadow, Bloomsbury, 2014; Eleven Eleven, Bloomsbury, 2012; Sektion 20, Bloomsbury 2011; Cabinet of Curiosities, Bloomsbury, 2010; Ausländer, Bloomsbury, 2009; Battle Fleet, Bloomsbury, 2007; Prison Ship, Bloomsbury, 2006; Powder Monkey, Bloomsbury, 2005.