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Michael HarrisonSimon Elliott holds a PhD from the University of Kent where he studied the military presence in Britain during the Roman occupation, and where he is now an Honorary Research Fellow. He also has an MA in War Studies from KCL and an MA in Archaeology from UCL.


He is the author of six history books published to date. His first, Sea Eagles of Empire - The Classis Britannica and the Battles for Britain’ (History Press, 2016) won the prestigious Military History Matters (MHM) Book of the Year Award in 2017. His second Empire State - How the Roman Military Built an Empire (Oxbow Books, 2017) tells the story of the Roman military in all of its manifestations except fighting. His third book was Septimius Severus in Scotland - The Northern Campaigns of the First Hammer of the Scots (Greenhill Books, 2018). His fourth and fifth books are Roman Legionaries’ (Casemate Publishing, 2018) which tell the story of this elite warrior of the ancient world and Ragstone to Riches (BAR Publishing, 2018) which details how Roman London was built. His most recent book is Julius Caesar - Rome’s Greatest Warlord (Casemate Publishing, 2019).


He frequently appears on television as an expert on the ancient world. Most recently he was an ensemble lead cast member and executive producer for the pilot of ‘The Great Big Dig’, Channel 4’s new weekly archaeology programme. He has also recently appeared on Channel 5, Discovery, National Geographic and History Hit TV. He regularly publishes features in History Today, BBC History Magazine, Military History Monthly and British Archaeology


Simon Elliott is a lecturer on Roman Britain at various Further Education institutions and regularly gives talks on themes based on his research at history and literary festivals, academic institutions, schools and history and archaeological societies. He is a Guide Lecturer at archaeological and historical sites in the Mediterranean and elsewhere for Andante Travels, a Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology and an ambassador for Museum of London Archaeology.


His Legacy of Rome - How the Roman Empire Shaped the Modern World will be published in 2022.


Julius Caesar has been the inspiration to countless military commanders over the last two millennia. Born into an aristocratic family, his early military campaigns, part of his progression along the cursus honorum, included campaigning in the east, Spain and in the early Roman civil wars. His participation in the Gallic Wars is known mainly through the commentary on the wars that he wrote and published, along with his incursions into Britain. This concise history details his military life, and how it impacted with his political career, from his youth through the civil wars that resulted in his becoming the dictator of Rome, and his legacy.

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